Wednesday, March 10, 2010


"The grass is greener on the other side"

The fall of man.

We all struggle with discontentedness.

In some form...we do.

Whether it is looking at your neighbors house or car.

Feeling like they have the "perfect" marriage or job.

Knowing if you were just their size or had their hair color.

Even the "unselfish" discontentedness.

If only my child could...*fill in the blank*

I wish our church or community would or could x, y, or z.

It can be can wear many masks.

Following my journey to heart became much more content.

Content with my life. *not in my desire to serve Him*

I "need" much less...than I had once thought.

Over the past year...I have battled with that familiar friend again.

How quickly we forget what we know to be true.

It came "masked" in a family passionate about Africa.

They share a child with special needs.

Also chosen to adopt.

I have found myself feeling like their grass has to be greener than mine. a lovely thing.

I went beyond inspired and became...jealous.

I wanted their life.

You know...the life that we get to see, from the outside looking in.

Their marriage...that life...has been fractured by infidelity.

Hearts are broken.

Lives are hanging in the balance.

The foundation has been shaken.

Not one of us is "safe" from it.

I am a painful way.

That not greener.

My heart tells me...don't waste your life admiring their grass...nurture your own.

*discontentedness: a longing for something better than the present situation*


Jennifer said...

I liked where you said, "Don't waste your life admiring their grass, nuture your own."

How beautiful and true.

Thank you for this Amber.

Candace said...

Very poinent, Amber! Something WE ALL need to remember....

Melissa said...

My grass can always be nutured. Thanks for reminding me.

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

i needed to read this. thank u.
lots of love,